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Family Law De Facto Law


Disputes between spouses about property are dealt with under the Family Law Act. Property settlement occurs when the matrimonial asset pool is divided up between the parties to the marriage. It takes into account all income, all assets and all liabilities as a result Property and financial settlements can be complex. Although property matters may be dealt with between the parties they need to be formalised by consent orders with independent legal advice to make them effective. In most circumstances it is prudent to obtain legal advice.

The Process involves the completion of an initiating application, preparation of a financial statement and filing this with the Court. The Family Court deals with more complex matters and the Federal Magistrates Court with less complex matters. As at 1 July 2009 the Federal Magistrates Court and Family court Filing fee was $155.

The estimate of our fees (inclusive of the filing fee and GST) is $2,750.

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