Practice Areas

Commercial Law

This very broad area covers may aspects which can be interrelated.

Dispute Resolution Litigation

Dispute Resolution covers the broad field of methods of resolving disputes or disagreements without the involvement of the various Courts and Tribunals. This can be with negotiations, mediation, arbitration etc.

Disputes are a fact of life, the challenge posed is to resolve the dispute as efficiently and as effectively as possible. This involves a weighing of many factors including the issues disputed, the amount of money involved, the business relationship etc. It is a process of quickly being able to identify where you stand, .what your options are, what is likely to be involved in the process, what the likely outcomes are and how much it will all cost.

It is critical that at the beginning your position is accurately assessed and that your legal advisor has the experience to anticipate issues that are likely to arise during the course of the dispute.

We will advise you on the full spectrum of feasible scenarios that apply to your matter and the likely costs involved.

We have acted on behalf of companies and their insurers in respect of complex commercial litigation in the Supreme, Federal, District and Local Court. Our experience is in relation to claims involving contractual disputes (including Building), insurance, loan agreements, trusts, leasing and property.

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