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Commercial Law

This very broad area covers may aspects which can be interrelated.

Contracts Review and Drafting

Before entering into a contract it is vital to fully understand its terms and conditions and the law relating to them in order that you can not only be abreast of matters on which you may be able to negotiate but also on your future obligations.

We can advise you on the terms and conditions of a commercial contract and the points on which we consider you should seek to negotiate prior to entry. Such negotiation could secure for you rights and substantial financial benefits that you may not have known you were entitled to.

We offer advice on all types of commercial agreements.

Terms of Trade

Terms of trade are the conditions for the sale of goods or the provision of services to the buyer of the goods and the receipt of those goods and services. Whether you are a buyer or seller of goods and or services invariably there are purchases and sales subject to certain conditions.

The most simplistic example is the old Cash on Delivery. More complexities occur with clauses relating to Acceptance of goods, Insurance, Indemnities, Representations, Risk and Retention of title clauses.

There are various federal and state laws governing the provisions of goods and service. A seller may not be able to opt out of its certain statutory obligations.

As a Seller your cash flow and ability to recover payments in difficult circumstances can be greatly improved by having your existing contracts reviewed or certain standard terms of trade drafted one of our solicitors. Buyers should have any such contracts reviewed by their solicitor before executing them so as to ensure they understand all of the provisions and are complying with.

The estimate of fees for drafting Terms of Trade is $500.00.

Employee arrangements and Employment Contracts

Employment issues can be a real minefield, it is an area of the law where small errors can cause large problems. It is important that you make the right decisions throughout the employment process whether it be at interview, in contract negotiations, managing performance or in conclusion or termination of the employment.

You should seek informed legal advice at an early stage so as to ensure the situation is managed as well as it can be.

Numerous legislative changes to this area of the law have created great complexity.

Debt Recovery

Whilst the recent past has seen consistent economic growth in Australia the slowing of economic activity has certainly seen a developing reluctance to pay on time. Your ability to recover these amounts may be greatly assisted by good Terms of Trade (see above). Often, prior to our involvement amounts have remained unpaid or withheld despite repeated attempts to secure payment. We have been able to cost effectively and quickly recover both large and small sums on behalf of our clients.


Privacy has been a developing area ever since the Privacy Act 1988 as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 came into effect.
As a result it is essential that companies that collect private information have a Privacy Policy and an understanding of the effect of this upon their business.
The estimate of fees for drafting a Privacy Policy is $500.00.

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